Psychology Learning Communities

PLC Honor Roll Students of 2017

Picture above: Honor Roll Reception (Learning Community Students)

What is a Learning Community?  

Learning Communities are small groups of students with similar interests who take courses together and participate in shared academic and social experiences designed to enhance the first-year experience.  There are many learning communities on campus, and students can choose the one that best matches their interests.  The Department of Psychological Science has two Learning Communities: 

Psychology Learning Community (PLC) - the best choice for first-year students majoring in Psychology!  The PLC does not have a residential component; members are allowed to select the housing of their choice.

Community Psychology Learning Community (CPLC) - for transfer students, either those transferring from a community college or other university, or those who come out of high school with enough college credits to be a sophomore, and who have a strong social justice orientation and an interest in using psychology to change the world!

Both Learning Communities in Psychology provide:

  • A “block” schedule of courses customized for Psychology majors
  • Activities and assignments that help you get the most out of your psychology major and degree
  • Connections to all the offices and services available on campus to help you succeed—the Learning Center, the Career center, the Counseling Center, the Leadership Development Office, and Study Abroad! 

Psychology Learning Community (PLC)

PLC students enjoy the following opportunities:

  • Enrollment in the only freshman seminar course that is just for Psychology majors—The Science & Practice of Psychology
  • Special programs and events developed especially for PLC students 
  • A service learning project related to the psychology major

Why Join the PLC?

·       LCs have many PROVEN benefits for first-year college students:

  • Better grades!
  • Previous PLC students had GPA their first semester of 3.1, others like them had GPA of 2.6!
  • More Satisfied!
  • 100% of PLC participants said they would recommend it to other entering majors!
  • More involved!
  • PLC students become our department leaders- Psychology Club, UG research, Psi Chi, Study Abroad
  • You will take courses from faculty that are committed to helping make your first year in college a successful year.   
  • Experience the benefits of a small college experience while enjoying the excitement of attending a major university. 
  • Become familiar with the vast resources on campus to assist you in becoming the best student you can be. 
  • You will get to know people and make friends in your major. 
  • You will have fun!

Who Can Join the PLC?

The PLC is for entering first-year students who have declared Psychology as their major.

Two Ways to Join!

·       Complete the online application at here

·       Sign up at SOAR!

Questions About the PLC?

Contact PLC Coordinator, Dr. Kim Buch, at

Community Psychology Learning Community (CPLC)

The Community Psychology Learning Community will begin accepting students for the Fall, 2013 semester. CPLC students:

  • Enroll in the Community Psychology course together their first semester
  • Enroll in Research Methods
  • Become involved with faculty in their research or in practica to gain valuable experience
  • Learn about graduate school and what they need to do to prepare

Why join the CPLC?

  • Learn about Community Psychology and ways to use psychology to change communities. See our website for more information about community psychology at UNC Charlotte. Read an article from Psi Chi (the honor society for psychology) to learn more about community psychology here. And for an overview of graduate study in community psychology, click here.
  • Transfer students can use the CPLC to "hit the ground running", integrating into UNC Charlotte and the Department of Psychological Science, and getting the most out of their years at UNC Charlotte.
  • Gen involved in research that can make a difference, learning important skills that can be valuable for graduate school or future employment.

Who Can Join the CPLC?

The CPLC is for students new to UNC Charlotte who have declared Psychology as their major and who have the sophomore or higher standing due to Advanced Placement (AP), community college or other academic credit.

To Join

  • Complete the online application here

Questions About the CPLC?

Contact CPLC Coordinator, Dr. Jim Cook, at

Other Learning Communities at UNC Charlotte

If you are interested in a residential Learning Community, or are not eligible for the PLC, please check out the Arts and Sciences Learning Community and other communities here.