#1 Leadership Book to Read for 2019

The Surprising Science of Meetings Book Cover
Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Psychological Science Department is proud to announce that our very own Dr. Steven Rogelberg's new book has been listed as the #1 Leadership book to read for 2019! Check out The Suprising Science of Meetings.

The Surprising Science of Meetings is a general audience trade book. It is a culmination of 15 years of meetings research, and thousands of surveys and interviews across the globe.  It is a large collection of evidence-based insights, truly designed to move the dial on meetings. It goes way beyond conventional wisdom you often hear, like have an agenda.  It represents a strategic approach leaders and organizations can take that are highly practical and accessible, but strongly based in science.  It is a quick read, peppered with key research findings, and best practices  It is basically like a giant ted talk meant to get leaders excited to try a few news things on this often complained about working activity – the meeting.