How can I obtain a permit for a course?

Permits are requested through the instructor only, your advisor cannot issue you a permit into a closed course. However, there are two options for getting into a closed course:


The first three columns tell you how many seats a class has (capacity): Cap, how many students have actually registered: Act, and how many seats remain "available": Rem.  But if a course has a waitlist, then you need to look carefully at the NEXT THREE COLUMNS.  Those tell you the number of waitlist capacity: WL Cap, the number of students currently on the waitlist:WL Act, and the number of spots open on the waitlist: WL Rem.

For example, if PSYC 2103-001 has a waitlist capacity of 5 students, and 5 students are already on the waitlist, so the waitlist is FULL.  You cannot add yourself to this waitlist.  However, section 012 also has a waitlist capacity of 5, but there are 0 students currently on the waitlist, so you COULD add yourself to this waitlist if this class were closed, and could actually be first on the list.

IF THERE ARE STUDENTS ON A WAITLIST FOR A SECTION OF THE COURSE, then those "Available" seats in column 3 are NOT REALLY AVAILABLE.  They have already been promised to a student on the waitlist, who has received an email about the opening and has a certain amount of time (12-24 hours) to actually enroll in the class.  So, in the example above, the 1 spot "available" in section 001 is not really available at all, because it has been promised to someone on the wait list.  The one spot available in section 012, however, is a REAL OPENING that you could register for.

IF A CLASS HAS A WAITLIST (WL Cap is not 0), then a professor CANNOT give you a permit into the class, because that would jump you over students on the waitlist, and that would not be fair.  The only way to get a seat for a waitlisted class is to get on the waitlist. If there is no waitlist, please review question 2 below.

Instructions for students to waitlist:

- Find the 5-digit CRN number to the far left of the course you are wanting to take
- Plug it in under the add/drop tab and submit changes
- It will not allow you to register, but there should be an option for a drop down  
- Select the option for "Waitlist - Not Registered"
- If a seat opens up and you're next on the waitlist, you will be notified via UNCC email and will have a certain amount of time to register (24 hours before start of the semester, 12 hours beginning 7 calendar days before classes begin)
- To register if you are notified of an open seat go to the “Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes” link in Banner Self-Service and select Web Registered from the Action drop down 

Additional notes:

-Students cannot waitlist for multiple sections of the same course
-If more seats are added to a course, waitlist gets priority

For further details about the waitlist system and how to get on a waitlist, click here to go to the Registrar's website for information and a visual display.


The only way to receive a permit for a specific course is through the instructor. Advisors cannot bypass the instructor and issue students a permit for closed courses. As stated above, if there is a waitlist for the course you are wanting to get into, permits will not be issued for that course.

How do I register for a class for which I've been issued a permit?

If the class still has open spots, you should be able to click the check box and submit changes as you would for any other course you are registering for. However, if the course is already closed and you were issued a permit for that specific course please follow these steps:

- Log into my.uncc.edu

- Banner Self-Service

- Student Services/Student Accounts

- Registration

- Add/Drop Classes

- At the bottom of that page use the CRN to register for the class

How do I request a repeat override for a course that I've previously taken?

If you attempt to register for a course in which you have previously earned credit the error message “Repeated Course” will appear. If you feel there is a need to repeat the course please email psychology@uncc.edu and include the course you wish to repeat and your 800 number.  

EXCEPTION: If the course you wish to repeat is STAT, PSYC 2101 or PSYC 2103 then you must email Dr. Lori Van Wallendael at lrvanwal@uncc.edu with your 800# and course information to request the repeat override. 

Your request will be processed within 24-48 hours.

How does a Grade Replacement work?

Undergraduate students may replace up to two (2) courses (maximum of 8 hours) for grade replacement. Both grades will be reflected on transcript. However, the higher of the two grades will be used in calculation of the GPA. Click here for grade replacement questions. View the Grade Replacement video for step-by-step instructions on how to submit a request. 

Students must register to retake the course before attempting to submit a Grade Replacement request. If credit was earned in the original attempt, the student must first obtain a Repeat Course Override before registering. After registering for the course, students must submit a Grade Replacement request through 49er Express by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar. 

For more information about grade replacements please visit the Registrar's Office in King 141 or visit their website at http://registrar.uncc.edu/students/grade-replacement-policy

How do I declare a 2nd major or a minor to complete my degree?

Each department has a different process for declaring. Please contact the department you are interested in by reviewing the department's website or stopping by their main office. 

Need some help deciding? Check out all the possibilities! 

 Undergraduate Majors http://academics.uncc.edu/undergraduate-majors 

 Undergraduate Minors http://academics.uncc.edu/undergraduate-minors 

How do I switch from a Psychology Minor to a Psychology Major?

To go from a Psychology minor to major, students can re-apply during any of our official declaration periods. You will still need to completely fill out the application as there are a few curriculum changes between the majors and minors. *Please note that you will need to specify that you want your current Psychology minor status dropped in order to switch to your new status as a Psychology major.

How do I switch from a Psychology Major to a Psychology Minor?

Yes!  Please email Dr. Van Wallendael at lrvanwal@uncc.edu and include that you wish to switch from a major to minor and your 800 number. Your request will be processed within 24-48 hours.

What is an Academic Petition & when should you fill one out?

The Undergraduate Academic Petition application allows undergraduate students to request an exception to academic policy such as late add, late withdrawal, transfer credit adjustment, etc. Students can access the application via Banner Self Service. You can select the type of petition, term affected, the course involved (if applicable), then provide a short explanation of the petition and the justification for requesting the exception to policy. The application then routes the request to the appropriate approvers and you should hear something within 1-3 days.

Taking a course at another institution while enrolled at UNCC?

Any student wanting to take courses at another college or university must first fill out a Permit for Transient Study. Dr. Van Wallendael or an advisor will need to sign off on any Psychology courses and/or for any Psychology students taking other courses. It will need to be approved and on file in the Registrar's Office, before taking the course. This assures the student that the course will be the equivalent of a UNC Charlotte course. The course will fulfill goals and count as a specific course, but the grade will not be calculated into the UNC Charlotte GPA. 

For more information about Transient Study Permits, please go online to http://clas.uncc.edu/students/advising-center/transient-study-permits

How do I find my Registration date and time? & If I have Holds?

- Log into my.uncc.edu

-Click on Banner Self Service

-Student Services/Student Accounts Tab


-Check Your Registration Status

-Select a Term from the drop down arrow then click submit

-The next page should show:

  • Registration date and time
  • Holds that will prevent registration
  • Academic Standing
  • Earned Credit
What do I need to do to apply for graduation and participate in the commencement ceremony?

All graduation/commencement questions and the graduation application process are managed through Graduation Services and Commencement.

Graduation Services Contact:          Email: graduation@uncc.edu

Phone: 704-687-5505 - Option #4 for Graduation Services

Commencement Contact:         Webpage: http://commencement.uncc.edu/

                                                            Email: Commencement@uncc.edu

                                                            Phone: 704-687-8021

       Cap & Gown:                      Webpage: UNCC Bookstore Cap & Gown

                                                            Phone: 704-687-7050

Apply for Graduation (link)

  • Graduation Application Due Dates for Spring; Summer Session #1; Summer Session #2; Fall (must check the Academic Calendar for each term)
  • Students may apply for graduation during each term, however, commencement ceremonies only occur during the Spring and Fall terms.
  • Students graduating at the end of Summer Session #1 or Summer Session #2 participate in the Fall Commencement Ceremony.
  • Walking in a Commencement Ceremony other than their term of graduation:
    • Students’ names will only appear in the commencement program of their graduation term.
    • Students will not be listed in Banner, therefore will not have access to e-tickets for their guests to attend the commencement ceremony.
    • A name card will not be printed for the students’ names to be announced when walking across the stage.
    • Students will have to pick up their cap and gown during the Commencement Fair of their graduation term.
    • For Additional Questions, please contact Joanne Kendrach JKendrach@uncc.edu in the Office of Events & Special Projects

Online Application for Graduation (link)

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for completing the Online Application for Graduation
  • The online application is available for NEW applications as well as UPDATING applications.
  • A couple of weeks after submitting the online application students will begin receiving emails with additional information regarding degree requirements, commencement, and diploma processing.

Graduation & Commencement FAQ's (link)

Answers & links to many of your graduation, commencement, and diploma questions.

Commencement Ceremony (link)

Info for all commencement-related questions.

          Info for cap, gown, announcements, ticket information, cap and gown portrait, class ring, diploma frame.

How do I know if a course has Pre-requisites?

These Instructions apply for ALL courses listed on BANNER

  • On Banner, do a "Course" or "Advanced" Search
  • Click on the Course "CRN"
  • Click on the green Course Link directly under "Sections Found" (e.g., "Social & Personality Development - 17768 - PSYC 3123 - 001)
  • At the bottom of the page "Prerequisites" will be listed; Required course numbers in green are links that once clicked will offer the Course Name and Description
    • For Example: Prerequisites: Undergraduate level PSYC 1101 Minimum Grade of C and (Undergraduate level PSYC 2130 Minimum Grade of C or PSYC 3135
    • Please note if the Prerequisites are listed as "and" / "or"

Psychology Course Descriptions & Prerequisites are also available in a word document on the Academic Advising webpage

What do I need to do to take Summer Classes at UNC Charlotte?

Most of your Summer School questions can be answered by reviewing the following website: UNCC Summer School  

1.  GPA's above 3.0
2.  Previous experience taking summer courses 
3.  Successful experience taking two summer courses at once (semester gpa at least 2.0)
4.  It is NEVER recommended Psychology students take an overload if they are taking Research Methods I, Research Methods 2, OR Capstone during the same summer session
How do I find all the courses/credits I have received at UNCC and my transfer credits

- Log into my.uncc.edu

-Click on Banner Self Service

-Student Services/Student Accounts Tab

-Student Records

-Advising Transcript

-Click "Display Transcript"

-The next page should show:

  • Your Name, UNCC ID, Email, and Advisor
  • Your Student Attributes (This is where it will show if you are Foreign Language Exempt or General Education Exempt)
  • Your Current Major (s) and Minor (s)
  • A list all the courses you transferred in to UNC Charlotte, how they transferred in, and the grade received
  • A list of all the courses you have taken at UNC Charlotte and the grades received
How many transfer credits can I apply towards my major/minor?

To graduate, a student must earn the last 25% of baccalaureate degree requirements at UNC Charlotte, including the last 12 semester hours of work in the major field and at least six hours of any minor field of study.

How do I schedule an appointment with an academic advisor?

You can schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor, Mr. William Gillison or Dr. Kathleen West, through Connect.



How do I drop a major or minor that I do not want?

When a student wishes to drop their major/minor, nothing needs to be signed or submitted by the department. The student may email registrar@uncc.edu and request to have a certain major/minor dropped. They just need to list their 800# and what they want dropped.