Graduate Publications

* Denotes student author

Shea, M., Cachelin, F.M., *Gutierrez, G., *Wang, S., & *Phimphasone, P. (in press). Mexican American women’s perspectives on a culturally adapted cognitive-behavioral therapy guided self-help program for binge eating. Psychological Services.

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Canevello, A., Michels, V., & Hilaire, N. M.* (in press). Supporting close others’ growth after trauma: The role of responsiveness in romantic partners’ mutual posttraumatic growth. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy.

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Vishnevsky, T.*, Quinlan, M., Cann, A., Kilmer, R.P., & Danhauer, S. (2015). “The keepers of stories”: A grounded theory study of posttraumatic growth in a sample of oncology nurses. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 33, 326-344.

 *Sagui, S. J., & Levens, S. M. (accepted for publication). Brief Report: Cognitive reappraisal ability buffers against the indirect effects of stress reactivity on type 2 diabetes. Health Psychology.

Levens, S. M., †Elrahal, F., & *Sagui, S. J. (accepted for publication). The role of family support and perceived stress reactivity in predicting depression in college freshman. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

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Ruggs, E. N., Hebl, M. R., & *Williams, A. (2015). Weight isn’t selling: The insidious effects of weight stigmatization in retail settings. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100, 1483-1496. Media Coverage: U.S. New & World Report, Business Insider, Fortune, Maxim, Medical News Today, NIH Medline Plus, PsychCentral