PSYC 3407 Service Learning

Department of Psychological Science Study Abroad Program Spring Break 2017: Service Learning in Ecuador!

Service Learning in Psychology
Cuenca, Ecuador

March 3, 2017 - March 12, 2017

Course Overview

Led by Dr. Maria Carla Chiarella of the UNC Charlotte Department of Psychological Science, this spring break program to Cuenca, Ecuador will focus on community service and understanding psychology from a worldview perspective .  

While the study abroad experience is open to the general student body, the targeted populations include Psychology majors and minors.

During the program, students will volunteer on-site in Cuenca. In addition to the experience of volunteering, students will also have the opportunity to engage with the host culture by participating in cultural events and activities, and by living with host families, and interacting with locals in Cuenca. 

This program offers credit for the following course:

PSYC 3407 – Service Learning in Psychology (3 credit hours)

The focus of the course is on Cross-Cultural Psychology. The material covered is designed to encourage students to use critical thinking to understand the effects of culture on psychology. Students will identify similarities and differences between the Latino, specifically Ecuadoran, and American cultures. Readings will present the importance of cultural influence on psychological research and practice. Course information and activities will also help students reflect on their own behavior, attitudes, and values. Volunteering in Cuenca will offer students the opportunity to apply their study of cross-cultural psychology to a local youth population.

Credit will be granted for coursework and travel completed during the Spring 2017 semester. The spring break program will be preceded and followed by weekly class meetings to prepare for and process the international experience.
The course is designed to prepare students for the spring break program through weekly class meetings, readings, and discussions.  Following the program, students will process the experience through weekly class meetings, readings, and assignments. Grades are based on participation and completion of the program and assignments.

Note: This program is a component of an on-campus spring term course.  You must be enrolled in the course in order to participate in this program.

Applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis with a final deadline of November 1, 2016!

Here you will find information regarding schedules, housing, cost, & faculty contact information:

For more information on how to apply to this and other programs please visit the Study Abroad website