PSYC 3405 Undergraduate Practicum (Internship)

Psychology practicum allows students to earn course credit while learning about applying psychology and gaining practical experience.  You will be placed in an off-campus organization where you can gain hands-on psychology experience related to your interests. Most students will be assigned to an agency such as a mental health or disability center which provides clinical, counseling or other treatment services. Typically, students assist agency staff members in teaching skills, leading group activities, or observing and interacting with clients. It is not realistic for undergraduate students to provide individual counseling or psychotherapy. Besides the agency work, students also attend a weekly seminar on campus.  

Course requirements:

  • Work in the agency 4 to 8 hours per week for 1 to 4 credits.
  • Attend a campus seminar. -- See Schedule of Classes.
  • Complete readings for seminar.
  • Keep a daily journal of your experiences and insights.
  • Write a brief summary paper.
  • Develop a special project in the agency.
  • Receive a pass/no credit grade.

To take practicum, you:

  • Must be a junior or senior psychology major. PSYC minors are not permitted to enroll in Practicum.
  • Are limited to a maximum of 6 credit hours of PSYC 3405 while at UNCC.
  • Can count only 3 hours of PSYC 3405 toward the 32 hours required for a major.
  • Need some blocks of free time in your schedule to be at the agency

Applications are due 4 days before advanced registration begins each semester. Please turn in applications to Dr. McAnulty's mail box in Colvard 4018 or email it directly to Dr. Rick McAnulty. To download an application please click Psychology Practicum.

For questions please contact the program director, Dr. Rick McAnulty.

Steps to enroll in PSYC 3405:

  • Submit a PSYC 3405 REQUEST FORM to the instructor listed in the Schedule of Classes at least 4 days before Advanced Registration begins. Enrollment is limited. Preference is given to students who are seniors, and have good grades.  Late applications will be considered only if space is available.
  • After you have permission to enroll, a permit will be entered into the Banner System. Then you must enroll yourself into the proper section with the appropriate number of credits.
  • Meet with the instructor during the last month of the semester to arrange the placement for the next semester.

(You should not arrange your own placement.  The faculty supervisor will work with you to find a placement that is compatible with your schedule and interests.  You need to be ready to begin work during the first week of classes.)

Apply for PSYC 3405 only if you are seriously committed to enrolling. It is very disruptive to have students withdraw.