PSYC 3806 Undergraduate Research Assistantships

Psychology Majors and Minors may get involved in on-going faculty research by taking PSYC 3806 Undergraduate Research Assistantship (1-4 credits).

The Undergraduate Research Assistantships are done under the supervision of a UNC Charlotte Psychology faculty member, and potentially involve all aspects of conducting psychological research such as compiling a literature review, designing methodology, data collection and analysis, and creating an APA-Style research report or presentation. Exact duties will depend on the number of credits for which you have enrolled and the needs of the instructor.

The course provides opportunities for individual study in a student’s special area of interest.  The course permits advanced, specialized study and also provides experience that is often valuable in locating a job or gaining admission to graduate school upon graduation. Students have assisted with experiments and engaged in research reviews in all areas of Psychology.  Student research projects have resulted in published articles or professional presentations.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor, Psychology Major or Minor, and a Psychology GPA above 2.0. Preference is given to students who have previously taken and successfully completed Psychology Research Methods I & II. 

Enrolling: The first step toward enrollment in the course is to review faculty’s research interests.  Check the course schedule for the semester you would like to enroll to see the list of professors offering Research Assistantships.

Students should contact faculty as soon as possible during the semester BEFORE you plan to participate in the Undergraduate Research Assistantship (e.g., contact faculty early during the fall semester to register for a spring assistantship).

Students will need to receive a Permit on Banner from the specific faculty for whom they are conducting the Research Assistantship and complete the enrollment process on their

Students interested in Undergraduate Research Assistantships are NOT automatically enrolled by faculty members. Often these assistantship are competitive and may require an application process specified by the particular faculty member.

  • Majors may apply a maximum of 6 credits of PSYC 3806 toward their Psychology major
  • Minors may apply a maximum of 3 credits of PSYC 3806 toward their Psychology minor
  • Both Majors and Minors may apply additional credits of PSYC 3806 toward the 120 credits required for graduation